Ten Reasons Why I Believe I’m Meant to Be Wealthy and So Are You!

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In this Episode: Even though I’m not wealthy yet, I believe I will someday. How will I do it and how can you be wealthy too?

Ten Reasons Why I Believe I’m Meant to Be Wealthy

#1 I believe in evil.

#2 I’ve been the recipient of a ton of amazing blessings coming from RICH people.

#3 I grieve when I see so many people work so hard and still live in poverty.

#4 God created me to create wealth

#5 I love what money does for myself and others

#6 I love helping people make money

#7 The Bible talks about prosperity and wealth

#8 I’m not greedy, materialistic or a hoarder

#9 I’m generous, giving and happy, money does not have a hold on me

#10 I don’t have a limiting belief about money – I don’t think it’s evil, anti-God, anti-Gospel

BONUS! If it doesn’t happen it is well with my soul, but I believe it will : )

Thank you for being here!
Your #GOZO! friend,
GOZO means JOY in Spanish! (Psalm 30:6)

Who is David Trigueros (Trig)?

I have been married 22 years to my beautiful wife Rachelle! We have three amazing teens, one is a top model and successful entrepreneur. I’m a pastor, speaker and content creator. In 2013, I recorded my own CD of original songs, then in 2014 I wrote an e-Book called “How to live an Anxiety Free Summer” and an article called “High Anxiety” for Leadership Online.

But it has not always been easy…

I grew up far from home, dealt with fear and anxiety, went through a terrible war, was unemployed for nearly a year and have felt fearful and insecure.

But through grace, love and discovering my God-given adventure I have achieved everything I want in life. Now I’m here to help you achieve GOZO and succeed in life!

So In 2010 I started my own media company called #GOZOtv! with thousands of views online. l love my job and now I get to do what I was created for, now I feel like I’m living on GOZO street! (GOZO btw, means JOY!)

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Your #GOZO! friend,
Psalm 30:6 – GOZO means JOY!



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