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Creatives heal the world with their thoughts, they have a dream but they also need help when they lose their way.

In this weekly podcast I will get real with you and help you do three things:

1. Find your God-given Adventure

2. Find Grace Amidst Crisis and

3. Discover What You Love

Hello, my name is David Trigueros "Trig"

I grew up a happy boy, in love with music, school and God. But due to separation from my parents at age 12 and growing up amidst war in my native Nicaragua, I developed high levels of anxiety in my mid to late 20's. 

But through 10,000 hours of therapy and $10,000 invested in some of the best counselors and therapists around, I've discovered grace amidst anxiety. Now I've been married over 20 years to my lovely wife and together we have three amazing teenagers. 

I'm also the founder of #GOZO! (GOZO means joy in Spanish), a bilingual online school committed to helping you find joy amidst fear, anxiety and depression. I'm an entrepreneur, pastor, author and musician (Current: MA Global Leadership, Fuller Seminary). 

My work has been featured on Leadership Online, in March 2014 I hosted my own conference called The Finding Grace Through Anxiety Conference and was an exhibitor at the 2015 Saddleback Church Mental Health Conference in Lake Forest, CA. I am also a regular speaker in the Southern California and Denver area on the topics of joy amidst anxiety to groups of 50 to 1000.

My podcast has 2700 subscribers and my blog is read by 1500 followers and thousands more on social media. 

Thank you for being here, I'm so glad you've chosen to live a life of joy.

- David Trig

About Your Host

David Trigueros

Pastor/Host #GOZOtv! 

(GOZO means JOY in Spanish)

In one hour with you I learned more about myself than in hundreds of hours with other coaches I've seen.


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Learn how to Live a Life of JOY with this new podcast!

I followed these steps and began to understand I am not my failures. Worry has a name and it's not my own.



I felt like I could trust you.

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